The Abell Flute Company
Adler-Heinrich Instruments
Alba Aerophonics
Alban Faust
Anderson Pennywhistles by Brad Anderson
Barnes & Mullins Manufacturing Ltd. (Generation whistles)
Becker Music
Black Diamond Whistles
Hans Bracker Whistles
Brady Instruments
Busman Whistles
Calmont Music
CJ Dixon
Clare Whistles by David Le Bas
The Clarke Tinwhistle Company
Corrigan Whistles from Deerness Pipes
Copeland Woodwinds Co.
Desi Seery
Domnahl na Gruen Whistlecraft by Daniel McGinley
Drake Stoneware Flutes
Dolang Penny Whistles
Eidan Whistles
Ellis Whistles
Erik the Flutemaker
Ethnic Wind whistles by Nick Metcalf
Flanna Whistles
Flutina by Pete Moss
Fred Rose Flutes and Whistles
Garvie Bagpipes low D whistle
Goldfinch Whistles from Jakub Szczygiel (Jacob Goldfinch)
Greenwood Pipes
Greg Russell
Guido Gonzato Whistle
Härjedalspipan by Gunnar Stenmark
Tyrone Head
High Plains Whistler
Hoover Whistles
Howard Music
Hudson Winds by Peter Bonsteel
Humphrey Whistles
Impempe Whistles by Ian Turnbull
Jubilee Music Instrument Co.
Keltic Dead
Kerry Whistles by Phil Hardy
Ian Lambe Low Whistles
Laughing Whistles by Noah Herbison
Jean-Pierre Le Meur Whistles
Solen Lesouef whistles and flutes
Lochlan Whistles by Greg Russell
M and E Whistles
MacNeil Woodwinds
Milligan & Son String Instruments and Whistles
Merlin Whistles
Michael Burke PennyWhistle Co.
MK Music
O'Brien Pennywhistles
Ormiston whistles
Overton Whistles
Parkhurst Whistles by David Parkhurst
Parks Whistles by Carey Parks
P.G. Bleazy Woodwinds
Pipe Makers Union, LLC -- Carbony whistles by Rob Gándara
Rare Earth Flutes clay whistles by Cloud McCleod
Reviol Woodwind Instruments
Reyburn Whistles
Serpent Music by Bill Whedon - No longer in business
Shaw Whistles
Silkstone Whistles by Paul Hayward
Sindt Whistles email
The South Wind Whistle Manufactory
Stewart Instruments by Benedict Stewart
Strathmann Music Instruments
S.Z.B.E. Whistle
Sullivan Whistles
Susato Pennywhistles"
Sweetheart Flute Co.
Thin Weasel Woodwinds
Thornton Whistles by Tommy Martin
Tilbury Music Company
Tin Whistle Zentrum Deutschland (TWZ) by Andreas Joseph
Tony Dixon Music
Tully Whistles
Vargas Whistles, mass-produced whistles tweaked by Erik Torp-Olsen
WD Sweet Flutes
West Coast Whistle Co. (Elf Song whistles) by Sandy Jasper
Weston Whistles by Simon Styles
Whistles of Wood by Tommy Dion
The WhistleSmith
Nick Whitmer has instructions for making E tubes for Generation whistles, and sells them.
WS Wooden Whistles by Jon Dodd
Yvon Le Coant